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Her voice possesses a striking vibrato, she writes memorable melodies.


- Songlines

UK based recording artist, Queen Lilas, formerly known as Lilas Lafleur, was born and raised in Paris (France) of Congolese parentage. Lilas is a gifted musician, her music is positive and from the heart. She is passionate about encouraging people not to give up. Her songs are inspired from her own personal experiences; sharing the gift that God has given her. 

At the age of 4 years old, she knew and told her father that she will be a singer. She started singing in church as a little girl at the age of just 4 she became a worship leader, by the age of 9 she started composing music on her mini Yamaha keyboard and self taught how to play the keyboard. Lilas has never had singing lessons as she is a natural singer, she has taken lessons later on in life and the teacher told her that she was doing it naturally and didn’t need the lessons but she still carried on with the lessons. Since she caught the bug she has been performing ever since.


Trained by Diblo Dibala (1989-2016):

As a teenager Lilas was trained by her uncle the highly respected Diblo Dibala who's one of the biggest Zoukous artists in Africa and one of his best guitarist. Diblo Dibala, often known simply as diblo, is a Congolese soukous musician, known as “Machine Gun” for his speed and skill on the guitar. In recent years, Lilas has been a part of his performances as a backing singer.

She has worked on, “My love” released in 1996, “Mechant garcon” released in 2001, “Ca passe ou ca casse” released in 2016.


In 1996, she has featured on her father’s, Vanto, debut album “Coup de gueulle” produced by Diblo Dibala. The legendary Luciana Demingongo and Malage De Lugendo from the legendary group Zaiko Langa Langa has also featured on the album and on songs with her.


These experiences as she was only 14 has taught her how music is a lot of work. She has seen how a song gets build up from the beginning until the end, seeing guitarists, bass players, drum players etc coming in the studio to record their parts, sometimes she has spend nights in the studio working until early morning hours. In 1998, her father and herself open a show for Reddy Amisi in Rouen who’s a friend of her father and also a legend in the Congolese music industry after he released his album “Etoile”.

Moving to England (2000):

Lilas moved to Middlesbrough, where she studied at the University of Teesside. She has studied BA (hons) Business Management and kept on singing around the University and also joined a rap group composed of herself as the singer and two rappers from London. Together, they have performed at the Student Union bar and around town as well.

Jumping Jacks singing competition:

In 2002, Lilas participated in the Jumping Jacks singing competition in Middlesbrough, she has won the Middlesbrough one twice and went on to be 2nd in the North East finals and amongst the last 10 finalists in Coventry out of the 6000 applicant across the country.

“Don’t Worry” debut Gospel single (2006):

She worked with the late Mike Frankland who was a very talented artist based in the North East of England. Lilas debut single 'Don't Worry' was reviewed by Christopher Heron from A busy year for Lilas. 'Don't Worry' was remixed by American Dj - Dj Blendmaster and was placed amongst the likes of Cece Winans. Then came interviews with North East of England's local newspapers and later that year she was interviewed by GMTV. She has also shot the video in Edingbrough and the video was played on the God’s channel. Lilas ended 2007 with her 1st published book "STEP INTO YOUR CALLING: WORSHIP LEADING" in that same year. In 2008, she releases her debut Gospel album “Spread my wings”, which was reviewed by Cross Rhythms radio website and she was also interviewed by then that same year.




After searching herself and also coming out of a violent marriage, Lilas understood from her life experience that her message should be heard by everyone, both Christians and non-Christians and that is when she wrote her anthem song "Girlfriend". The song is the best song Lilas has wrote to today and it is a song to encourage all the strong women everywhere. “Girfriend” is not only a song but it is a book, a movie etc... Lilas is thinking of re-released the song again in 2021. She has released a video in 2011 and another one in 2015, the song was first donated to Women’s Aid and then to an girl’s orphanage in DR Congo, Matumaini.


Opening for Neyo (2009):

Lilas supported the multi-platinum selling, award-winning American R&B superstar, Ne-Yo at his sell-out North East England After Party in Sunderland on the 18th of July 2009, this was the first time that she has performed a song Girlfriend and the respond was so great. She performed at various venues in London, festivals in Middlesbrough such as 'Taste of Africa', in Newcastle 'L'Afrique Festival' opening for one of the biggest African/Congolese stars, Awilo Longomba.

Moving to London (2010):

After getting her divorce, Lilas moved to London to pursue her music career. June 2010, she was one of the artists who participated on the song 'Congo Unite' by Congo Fifty, she then performed her forthcoming single Girlfriend at Congo 50 show on the 31st of July 2010.

Featuring with K Koke, Roc Nation (2012):

When Lilas was working on the Congo Unite in a studio in West London, she got discovered by K Koke’s manager who owed the studio, he said that he’s heard so many girls sing but that her voice was so different and unique and that he wanted her to do a featuring with one of his artist. The song “Takr my breath” was released under Roc Nation on K Kokes mixtape "Pure Koke 2" released in April 2011, the official video was  TAKE MY BREATH, released in May 2012. In 2012 Lilas featured ROC Nation / Sony RCA artist K KOKE hit single TAKE MY BREATH. This was Lilas’ major break and she has gained much more respect in the industry.

They have recorded a second song titled ‘Like that” which was never released officially but the producer leaked the song.



In 2012, Lilas was invited to perform at the Beftta Awards night nomination, after a spectacular performance she found out she was nominated for a BEFFTA AWARDS for Best Female Act. She didn’t win but attended the event and she was just happy that her hard work got noticed.


Afrobeat Live at the Jazz Cafe, Camden (April 2014):

Lilas recorded a couple of afrobeats songs so after attending the first Afrobeat Live in 2014, May7ven who heard a couple of her afrobeats songs that has recorded, she invited her to perform live at the next one which was in April 2014, hosted by DJ Abrantee from Capital FM. She has also recorded a Rumba song and video with the very talented Johnny Makangila.


The Girlfriend Concert (2015):

The Girlfriend Concert, based on her song was an event she has organised with her friend Duchess Nena in 2015 in London. The evening was wonderful with performances from Lilas and many more artists and also rewarded women in the community. Lilas is working on another side but due to the covid 19 it will be an online live concert probably for 2021.

Akula by The Funkees (2015):

Duchess Nena, was her manager for a while managed to get Lilas involved in a project of recording Akula by the legendary group The Funkees. She has sung it in French and Igbo. The song is set to be released before the end of the year with Oroma Media Group. After that, Lilas kept recording and performing around london such as the Africa fashion week in 2013, and appearing on tv shows as well such as Vox Africa, Ben Tv, also at DJ Memzee show alongside Bignarstie etc.

In 2017, Lilas has taken a 2 years break from the music industry and moved away from London to Leeds. She has fell in love with bodybuilding and got her qualifications as a personal trainer and also trained for a bodybuilding competition for 8 months. Here is a her fitness website, fitness and a healthy lifestyle have become very important in her life.


2019 until present:

Even after a long break and announcing her come back, Lilas still manage to the perform in one of the top venues in the country at the O2 Academy, Leeds on the 20th of December 2019, she performed her new single “Straight Line”. Straight Line produced by Load Track was released on the 24th of April 2020 with an awesome video.

She has released few more singles "Gone", "Im In Love", "Playo" & "Dance" but due to the pandemic and losing her mother during the pandemic, no videos were released. In June 2020, Lilas released a Live EP project available in all online digital platforms, which is her last project in English for a while.

From Lilas LaFleur to Queen Lilas:

After the passing of her mother in March 2020, things have changed for Lilas. Her friend and artist, Robert Maseko named her Queen Lilas after hearing her story, saying he has never met such a strong woman. Lilas says “charity starts at home and so does my music”. Lilas' music evolving to her roots, Kongo. She is currently working on many projects in French, Lingala and English. Queen Lilas has signed a management deal with Authentic Music Management. She has finally released Akula in D.R Congo, the song has been playing on national radio such as Top Congo FM, B One FM, Radio Okapi, Trace FM and the video is set to be release on the 30.04.2021.

With such a biography and uniqueness, Lilas is definately set to stardom and leave her mark in this world.

NTOTO 2023:

Lilas has spent the last 3 years producing, writing, composing and arranging her album. Ntoto was released on the 6th of October 2023.

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