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About Queen Lilas

''Her voice possesses a striking vibrato, she writes memorable melodies.'' - Songlines

BEFFTA (United Kingdom) nominee for Best Female Act, Queen Lilas (also known as Lilas Lafleur) is a self-taught pianist, producer, and composer based in the UK for the last 20 years. She was a backing singer for her uncle, the legendary Diblo Dibala. He taught her everything about studio work. She has worked alongside renowned Congolese artists such as Max Mongali, Malage de Lugendo, and Luciana Demingongo. Her show in 1996 was to open for Reddy Amisi in her hometown, Rouen. Later on, she attended a performing arts school to perfect her music and acting skills. Queen Lilas has had a remarkable musical journey which is still going on. She has won many singing competitions, such as The Jumping Jack (UK) singing competition. Out of 6000 applicants in the UK, Queen Lilas ended up in the top 10 at the final in Coventry. In her gospel years in 2008, her first album was reviewed by Cross Rhythm radio, and her single Don't Worry was playing on the God Channel. She has also appeared on ITV.  

In 2009, she opened for NEYO at his after-show party in Sunderland just after finishing his world tour. That same year, she performed at L'Afrique Festival in Newcastle, opening for Awilo Longomba. In 2012, she was featured on K Koke's, Jay-z's Roc Nation rapper, Take my breath, and that same year she was nominated for a BEFFTA Award for Best Female Act.  

She has released EPs and singles, had many appearances/performances on TV, such as BEN TV, and VOX AFRICA. Fast forward to 2020, after the passing of her mother, Queen Lilas, who has come back with a new stage name and new sound. She teamed up with the legendary Igbo group The Funkees and did a remix in French and Igbo, Akula. The single was played on many national radio stations in Congo, such as Top Congo FM, Radio Okapi, La radio de la femme, Trace Congo FM, B One FM, etc...  

Lamuka was released on the 12th of October 20022. This is the single announcing her up-and-coming new album set to be released in early 2023. Lamuka talks about spiritual awakening and loving one another truly. The song is a mix of Congolese traditional and jazz, and her voice is exploding on this track, showcasing her vocal skills.  


She has produced, written, performed, and composed songs on her album Ntoto released on the 6th of October 2023. This album was reviewed by Songlines, the leading magazine covering traditional, contemporary, folk and fusion music from around the world. Each edition is packed with the latest album reviews, artist interviews, festival profiles and travel adventures from every corner of the globe. Music is about culture, politics, history and the environment and Songlines is your essential guide to it all. The review was published on their March 2024 issue celebrating their 25 years and Ntoto was given a 3 stars.'’Her voice possesses a striking vibrato, she writes memorable melodies.'' - Songlines.  

Queen Lilas has been working and she is about to release a new single Nza Ndombi in August 2024, this sing announces a new album set to be released in 2025. 

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